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About Me

First, and most importantly, I am a Christian, a wife for almost 39 years, and a mother of six children. I also have 10 grandchildren, home schooled my children K-12, and am an empty nester now! I have a BA degree in secondary math and science education and am a certified dance instructor. I love to garden, crochet, cook, dance, practice yoga, travel, read, and have managed a successful dog breeding business for 10 years. I am passionate about many things and health coaching is an extension of who I am. I love helping and encouraging others live healthy lifestyles and be the best version of themselves that God created them to be! 

I am now a certified Tai chi instructor, and since April 2018, I have been teaching Tai chi classes at the beautiful Hidden Lake Gardens! I had been studying to become a Tai Chi instructor since last July, and I started off well and excited, but I had to put my studies on hold, because I was the primary caregiver for my mother. She made her way home to heaven on Oct. 25, 2017, after suffering with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases for the past 5 years. I also became a certified health coach last year, but had to put that practice on hold as well. Maintaining balance, flexibility, strength, and mobility are all key in successful aging , and given my mom's family history (her brother and 5 cousins all passed away from Parkinson's) I am going to learn and do all I can to prevent or at least delay the symptoms in my own life. I can then share with my family, friends, and clients some of the amazing health benefits of practicing Tai Chi!

I also wanted to mention that I turned 60 in February 2018! My 86 year old aunt, who regularly practices Tai Chi, tells me that age is just a number! In fact, after she had been practicing for only 6 weeks her chiropractor noticed much improvement in her balance! She is definitely an encouraging and motivating influence in my life. As I am slowly getting back now into a daily routine, after having spent time grieving, going through the holidays, and figuring out what my new "normal" is, I am very grateful to my Lord,my family, and my practice clients for being helpful and encouraging to me through this difficult transition period in my life. I look forward to getting to know some new friends and clients through fitness instruction and health coaching, and then to be an encouragement and support to them in their individual health journeys!


Tai chi classes

For a schedule of the Tai chi classes which I teach at Hidden Lake Gardens, please click on the name, which will link you to the schedule!