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Tutoring Services

A meta-analysis of findings from 65 independent evaluations of school tutoring programs showed that these programs have positive effects on the academic performance and attitudes of those who receive tutoring."3 Studies that Show the Positive Impact of Tutoring - Jantzi Test Prep ( 

Tutoring, working one on one with students is very rewarding as we work together to improve study skills, and is an “effective avenue for increasing student achievement, especially for students at risk for academic failure.” We are able to note when a student needs more work in a specific area of study, and concentrate the instruction specifically to meet their needs. Analysis of the individual student's needs, strengths, and academic goals are evaluated, and then a study schedule is implemented.

Tutoring sessions range from 45-60 minutes either in the student's or the tutor's home, and fees range from $35-50/hour depending on academic subject and travel time. 

I have successfully tutored students in all subjects K-9 and high school level math and conservation science. 

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