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Join us on Saturday September 10, 2022 @10am for a Free Tai chi Workshop. This will be an introduction to some of the health benefits gained with a regular practice, and we will learn some basic movement, which will help improve balance, strength, and flexibility. For more information, or to register for this workshop, use the contact information form below, or call/text me at 517-936-8117. Space is limited! 

Tai Chi @ Numazu Delights & Dance Center

Tai chi practice is also a great social opportunity!  


EVERY THURSDAY through Fall 2022 @6-7 PM Starting September 15

117 W. Maumee St. Adrian, MI 49221
Adrian Onsted Dance Center

Come learn about Tai Chi, which is a martial art, and the meditative movement flow of the 24 Yang style short form has many documented health benefits with regular practice.

It is a gentle form of exercise improving core balance, strength, coordination, agility, cognition, and memory, while decreasing fall risk, blood pressure, joint pain, stress, and anxiety. Improvement is seen with chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

For more info call Beth or to register for the class please fill out the contact form below

@ 517-936-8117


Maybe your doctor recommended Tai chi? Maybe you've heard of some of the health benefits in practicing Tai chi? Maybe you are looking for a fun way to exercise? Maybe you have never exercised? Maybe you just want to feel better? Join me for a free class to answer your questions and introduce you to Tai chi as exercise. 

Fill out the form below to register for the beginner's class or to receive more information on how you can sign up for a FREE Tai chi class.   

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Great Workshop!

We have had some great Tai chi workshops in the past! Thanks to all for coming out, and I look forward to having you join us sometime in class! We will plan for another workshop soon!
I am currently teaching Tai chi classes at the Adrian Dance Center studio.
Our practice classes continue Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm.
In Tai chi, we learn the individual forms of the Yang Style 24 Short Form. These beginner classes are set up in a continuously running format, so that a student can come in at any point and attend as many classes as they need in order to feel comfortable with the individual movements. Once a student is comfortable with this, they would progress into to a "practice" class, where they will learn how to put the form all together sequentially.
Drop in rate is $10/class or prepaid $50/6 classes. 
Tai chi is a great form of exercise for people of all abilities and challenges and can be beneficial to those with chronic conditions and specific diagnoses, people in rehab situations, people looking to improve their athletic skills, and yes, even those who have accumulated years on this earth.
Tai Chi is one of the most studied forms of exercise. Join me in class, as we discuss some of these studies, and learn how you can incorporate this wonderful form of exercise into your daily routine! Message me if you and any questions or would like to register for a Tai chi class!

Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Tai Ji Quan Intervention vs a Multimodal Exercise Intervention to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults at High Risk of FallingA Randomized Clinical Trial- read full article here.

Key Points

Question  Is a fall prevention–specific tai ji quan intervention clinically more effective in reducing falls among older adults at high risk of falling than a stretching intervention (control) or a standard multimodal exercise intervention?

Findings  In a randomized clinical trial involving 670 adults 70 years or older with a history of falls or impaired mobility, the therapeutic tai ji quan intervention effectively reduced falls by 58% compared with the stretching exercise (control intervention) and by 31% compared with a multimodal exercise intervention.

Meaning  For older adults at high risk of falling, a therapeutically tailored tai ji quan intervention was more effective than stretching or multimodal exercises in reducing the incidence of falls.


Health Benefits

Because Tai chi is a low-impact form of exercise, it is beneficial for people with existing joint issues, as well as for those who want to avoid joint problems in the future. It can be practiced any time, any where, no equipment necessary, and at any age, even for someone who has never exercised on a regular basis in the past. "There is considerable evidence that Tai Chi has positive health benefits: physical, psychosocial, and therapeutic. Furthermore, Tai chi does not only consist of a physical component, but also sociocultural, meditative components that are believed to contribute to overall well-being. It is recommended as a strategy to promote successful aging." (Yau, MK) 

More Information on Tai chi

Parkinson's and Tai chi

Link Click on link to read for more information on the benefits of practicing Tai chi for Parkinson's patients! 

4 Tips: Mind and Body Practices for Common Aging-Related Conditions

Many older adults are turning to complementary and integrative health approaches to promote health and well-being. Mind and body practices, in particular, including relaxation techniques and meditative exercise forms such as yoga, tai chi, and qi gong are being used by older Americans, both for fitness and relaxation, and because of perceived health benefits. A number of reviews of the scientific literature point to the potential benefit of mind and body approaches for symptom management, particularly for pain. Check out what the science says about mind and body practices for these 4 common aging-related conditions: 

1. Osteoarthritis

2. Menopausal Symptoms

3. Sleep Problems

4. Shingles (surprise!)