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6 Week Beginners Tai Chi Classes

Join me, Tai Chi instructor, Beth Beard, in a six week beginner Tai Chi series at Hidden Lake Gardens.  This series will introduce the forms and movements of 24 forms of Tai Chi.  Improve strength, balance, and focus while learning new forms each week.  Registration for the entire series is encouraged - but not mandatory - in order to build on the forms learned in class from week to week.  Cost:  $13 per class / $10 per class for Friends of HLG.  For more information see event on my Facebook page Be In Health. Register for the entire series and receive a $10 discount off of the total registration cost ($68 per person / $50 Friends of HLG).  Please call Hidden Lake Gardens 517-431-2060 to register.

Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Tai Ji Quan Intervention vs a Multimodal Exercise Intervention to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults at High Risk of FallingA Randomized Clinical Trial- read full article here.

Key Points

Question  Is a fall prevention–specific tai ji quan intervention clinically more effective in reducing falls among older adults at high risk of falling than a stretching intervention (control) or a standard multimodal exercise intervention?

Findings  In a randomized clinical trial involving 670 adults 70 years or older with a history of falls or impaired mobility, the therapeutic tai ji quan intervention effectively reduced falls by 58% compared with the stretching exercise (control intervention) and by 31% compared with a multimodal exercise intervention.

Meaning  For older adults at high risk of falling, a therapeutically tailored tai ji quan intervention was more effective than stretching or multimodal exercises in reducing the incidence of falls.


Health Benefits

Because Tai chi is a low-impact form of exercise, it is beneficial for people with existing joint issues, as well as for those who want to avoid joint problems in the future. It can be practiced any time, any where, no equipment necessary, and at any age, even for someone who has never exercised on a regular basis in the past. "There is considerable evidence that Tai Chi has positive health benefits: physical, psychosocial, and therapeutic. Furthermore, Tai chi does not only consist of a physical component, but also sociocultural, meditative components that are believed to contribute to overall well-being. It is recommended as a strategy to promote successful aging." (Yau, MK)