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Do you know what is the total cost for treatment of "falls" per year? $50,000,000,000.00/year! (

That is 50 billion in  hospital costs, doctor's bills, therapy, rehab, etc. all related to injury as a result of a fall. Also did you know that for a person 65 years old and older, 20% of people with a hip fracture, die within a year? There is no way to measure the costs as older adults lose their independence, experience a significant disability, and therefore withdraw from society. 

Did you know that practicing Tai chi on a regular basis can help you improve your balance and therefore reduces your risk of suffering an injury due to a fall? The results of a study by Li and colleagues (2004) demonstrates the effectiveness in practicing Tai chi in fall prevention for older adults.

"The Tai Chi group preformed significantly better than the stretching group on the three functional balance assessments (dynamic gait index, the Berg balance scale, and a functional reach test). There was no change in the baseline measurements for the stretching in any of the functional balance assessments. In the 6-month follow-up, where no formalize exercise was offered, the Tai Chi group showed much slower deterioration in functional balance measures as compared to the stretching group. In addition, during the 6-month post-exercise period, there were 28 recorded falls in the Tai Chi Group and 74 reported with the stretching group."

‚ÄčInterested in learning how to practice Tai chi? There are opportunities for learning the Yang 24 Form at Hidden Lake Gardens, in Tecumseh, Michigan or at Dance Center in Adrian, Michigan. Contact me for more information!  

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